Feels like a nightmare, I'm crawling, I'm falling, there's no way to break
Out, I'm trying, denying. Escape from myself seems so hopelessly useless,
Feeling so different, not knowing where I'm going. I have become a slave to
Myself, a victim of my twisted mind... Turn into someone I don't know, take
Me to places I don't wanna go. No one sees, no one seems to care, I just
Know things are getting clear. I'm changing my mind, I change to someone I
Have never met before. Who am I, please tell me, will I be lunatic from now
'Till ever more? I'm changing my mind, turning to someone I don't know, I
Change to someone I have never met before. Who am I? Won't you please tell
Me, will I be a lunatic from now till ever more? Will I Fight myself to
Keep the sanity, who can say how will tomorrow be?
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Self-Enslavement Lyrics

Ancestral Legacy – Self-Enslavement Lyrics