I am the king of everything
And I do as I please
I walk on clouds before the crowds
And bring them to their knees
A child of Heaven and of Earth
The one and only son
My staff in hand, I rule the land
I've only just begun
I'm walking under sky for all to see
I know the secret of eternity
Make all the devils cry and angels sing
Because I am the king of everything
Bring on your armies and your gods
I'll kill them one by one
It's all a game and just the same
I'm only having fun
Behind the water
(unintelligible) on my mighty throne
A child of heaven and of Earth
The great sage born of stone
The lord of all that I survey
I walk the road but not the way
I'll tear the sky and mountains down
My only weakness is my crown
I am the king of everything
As strong as I am proud
With staff in hand, I rule the land
Atop a mighty crown
I am divine revealed in time
Immortal and eternal
The wrath of God, they all applaud
My fire right infernal
[Chorus 2x]
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King Of Everything Lyrics

Anarchy Club – King Of Everything Lyrics