Oh life has just begun
Got a temper like a gun
Pointing it at everyone
That's his game
And it helps him to get through the day
But a voice inside him says
How much longer can I play


He's got infinite possibilities
I can see them now
It's the unbroken chains of his
Past by which he's bound
He's got infinite possibilities
I can feel them now
If he chooses well, then nothing
Can tear him down

Peace of mind
Is not easy for him to find
And he's walkin' a thinner line
In a place where another man is keeping his time
Though he's young
He's not like everyone
He sees what he's become
And he'd rather be standing in the sun


{chorus} (2x)

With infinite possibilities
Stand in the sun and see
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Infinite Possibilities Lyrics

Amel Larrieux – Infinite Possibilities Lyrics