I need your love baby.
You been giving me so much lately.
Oh, I love the way you make me feel.
For you boy, I fell head over heels.

You make me want to say,
Ooohh baby baby.[2x]

Oh the way you make me feel inside,
your love I'll never deny.
The way you hold me tight,
the way you feel so right,
your love oh I like.
Baby, I'm yours.
You can give me your lovin' every day,
and I'll still need more.

Oh you make me want to say,
Oooohhh baby baby.[4x]

I'm just about at the end of my road,
but I can't stop trying,
I can't give up hope,
'cause I feel one day I'll hold you dear,
whisper I still love you,
until that day is here.

Oooohhh baby baby[4x]
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I Need Your Love Lyrics

Amanda Perez – I Need Your Love Lyrics

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