You once asked me
Why did I do it
Wasn't nothing to it I found
Cuz you stole me
Thinking you owned me
But you're so lonely now
And you were worried
Making up stories
Hoping I would be out
And you ruled me
Saying what would be
Now I just see you around

I'll tell you something
You're not gonna win this time because I'm through
You're good for nothing
You saw right through me I don't think you knew
Who the hell I was

And I was waiting
Thinking you were changing
Hoping youd turn this around
But you were faking
Hanging on maybe
Now you're just lost in the crowd
And you fooled me
Saying you knew me
You were just keeping me down
And you were crazy
Thinking you'd change me
Now I'm just waking on out
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So Lonely Lyrics

AM – So Lonely Lyrics

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