Several times, repeated lines,
Now just, space between my ears.
I don't know where this will go,
But I can tell you that it's getting old!
How can we keep moving forward,
When all we take are two steps back?
I used to see in color, but now my view is white and black.

Well maybe I don't have a Christmas song,
To express the way I feel,
But you should know that everything I've said and done
Has always been oh so real!
Now lately, you're telling me that, everything I'm doin', is wrong!
And I just can't keep movin' on, like this...
So come 'ere baby, and give me a goodbye kiss.

I painted a picture perfect dream,
That I saw as my reality.
And it really wasn't that long ago
That I got a taste of what it could be.
Why can't you just set aside your stupid, insecurities?
Tell me I'm the only one for you,
Cuz you're the only one for me.

Repeat Chorus

Well I know sometimes, things don't work out, the way we want them to,
But I could have sworn I saw something, waiting in the future, for me and you!

"I don't mean to make you so upset,"
It's your favorite line to say.
And yeah, I know, it's never your intent,
But you keep doin' it anyway!
Will someone PLEASE tell me, which road, am I supposed to take?
Should I go? Or should I stay?

Repeat Chorus 2x

Oh come 'ere baby, and give me a good one...
Come 'ere baby, and give me a good bye kiss.
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Goodbye Kiss Lyrics

Alyssa Jacey – Goodbye Kiss Lyrics