You can go kill yourself don't matter to me since
I've finally put you out of my misery. I don't
Love you either, it only hurts when I breathe. I
Always knew you'd leave me, let you string me a
Long. I pretended to believe you so that I could
Write this song i'll get along, you'll see it only
Hurts when I breathe. And if I said forever, I
Stand corrected, disappointment is the price I
Paid for hope. Love's a bloody wreck, just like I
Expected. I won't hold my breath waiting for you
To come home. I'm happy alone, I like these four
Walls i'll sit by the phone, making sure that you
Don't call. I don't care at all, it only hurts
When I breathe. And if I ever said forever I stand
Corrected... And alone love's a bloody wreck, just
Like I expected I won't hold my breath waiting for
You to come home I'm doing O. K., got no
Complaints, I know you're no angel, god knows that
I ain't no saint I'm feeling no pain, not me. It
Only hurts when I breathe. Believe what you want
To believe, I'm finally, actually, totally agony
Free, except......
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