I never meant to go this far.
I take back every word I said.
Blame it on the weather.
Tell me that I'm soft in the head.
I never think before I speak.
C'mon, let's start this day anew.
I never meant to do this.
I never meant to hurt you.

You and I should not be fighting.
Life's too short for citing misdemeanors.
Couldn't we just laugh about it?
Do we have to let it come between us?

I never meant to go this far.
I don't believe what I just said.
I had one drink too many.
I think it's time I went to bed.
Tell me that we are on TV.
Tell me that none of this is true.
Why have you packed my cases?
Who said that I was leaving?


It's time that we both faced the fact.
I'm not begging to come back.
I don't believe you'd want me to.
I know that I'm not good enough.
I never will deserve your love,
But you haven't heard me through.

I can't do... without you.
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Without You Lyrics

Alison Moyet – Without You Lyrics

Songwriters: ALISON MOYET
Without You lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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