The comet points out the destination, the wonder planet that was depicted

Suddenly, necessarily, I began to find yourself.
Feel me, come with us, The night sky is shinning in the blue planet.
But the space is vast, I don't look away from your eyes.
You don't need to worry!

Because you're the sun that burns, that's why I'm living
I will not regret, No matter what might happen from now on.
I will not regret, No matter what you wish, what you hope.

In the blue planet.

Why can't I reach it, though I'm running in this way
I board the long, lengthy Milky Way railroad
And the rivers of the sky become the signposts on the railway tracks, chasing after you

Anytime, anywhere, I think about you.
On the blue star, I found you

The comet points out the destination, because it calls for me
There's no regret. No matter what happens, no matter what is lost.
Even if there's no tomorrow, I guess we'll meet again on the blue star? Blue planet.

On the blue star
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Blue Planet (English) Lyrics

Alice Nine – Blue Planet (English) Lyrics