You and me
All alone
It's too late to say we didn't know
We shouldn't be
All alone
One of us might lose control
All these feelings
We've been hiding
Deep down, yeah
They must start to show
Not here
Not now
Watch my frustrations glow

I know what I feel, and you feel it too
I dream of the first kiss
And who'll make the first move
Who's gonna put their heart on the line
It could be me
It could be you tonight

Oh, oh

Show me who you are
Stop me before I go too far
'Cause it hurts
To hold back
So, hold me or I might crack
Gasoline, you're the match
I'm not sure if we could handle that
It might explode
Could be a mess
I say we take the chance


I'm mixed up
I don't know what to do
'Cause I want you; I'd love to
If I knew you'd want me too
If we're not getting any closer
Then I'm gonna have to scream


I know what I feel (I know what I feel)
And you feel it too, (and you feel it too)
I dream of the first kiss (I dream of the first kiss)
And who'd make the first move (and who'll make the first move)
Who's gonna put their heart on the line? (Who's gonna put their heart on the line?)
It could be me (it could be me)
It could be you (it could be you)
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It Could Be You Lyrics

Alexz Johnson – It Could Be You Lyrics

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