Giving all away my danger,
Digging in the dirt
You tell me to hold my anger, angels for support
Cross the line and find the answer, cure for everyone
But I don't want rebirth for me tomorrow, if this sun comes undone.


I ain't your troublemaker,
Pin under your nail that shakes ya!
I'm just a man who found (what's wrong)
I ain't your troublemaker!
Stepping stone or spin that takes ya!
What should I do? Blame you!

You discerned in me a coward, hopeless spot enclosed
Helter Skelter in my head still making me absurd.
Don't you try to do me a favor me by lettin me change my mind.
Cuz I don't need your so-called standards,
Get 'em out of my sight

Bring me back in time to change your filthy fucking thoughts
I despise you more and more. This hate is more than words.
Bible is the tool of truth so read it once again.
And maybe you will understand
That even evil can be friend.
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Troublemaker Lyrics

Alex Feather Akimov – Troublemaker Lyrics

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