Hide me from the glitter
The part of me that can't dissolve
Coz I don't wanna feel bitter
And taste it deep within my soul

I'm just a girl that dreamt of singing
Who wants the adulation most
What am I trying to conform to?
Why am I making friends with ghooosts yeah

I've been chasing a ghost
That doesn't exist
It's haunting my soul
I'm scared and alone
Been running away, no way to resolve
How did I get here?
How can I get home?

Sometimes I drift away
I melt into another place
It's a fraction of my mind,
And no it doesn't need a faaaceee

I meditate, I find the liiight
Put the wrong I've done to riiight
It's part of giving time tooo
Get the best I can in life
Woo oh oh


Fly over me, make it clear, let me see
No more turning back now coz I'm where I should be
No longer I'm lost in a dark fantasy
I followed on and I carrieddd onnn, now,

Help me to believe that the things that I need
Are high up with you so much bigger than me
The story was written before I could breattheee
Stay here beside me, help me to seee

Chorus x2

Woow woow woow woow woowww yeahhh
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Chasing Ghosts Lyrics

Alesha Dixon – Chasing Ghosts Lyrics

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