Live inside the shadow, that haunts the steps of all
Live inside the shadow, that blindly takes your fall
Live inside the shadow, of those that came before
Live inside the shadow, of those that are no more

Those that believe, believe through deception
Those that live, live through protection
Those that see, see only through eyes
Those that preach, preach only their lies

The shadow that follows is the one that will find
Yet the one who shall cast it will be left behind
The followers are the ones that will know
But the one whom they follow is there just for show

Never seek cause there's nothing to find
Never look back for deceit of your eyes
Don't ever look back cause there's nothing behind
Don't even ask cause the answers are lies

This life so harsh a prison
I've made my choice today
This life to me is given
And it's mine to take away

I am the deceived and the lied to.
I am the shadow.
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Inside The Shadows Lyrics

Alcoholic Elegance – Inside The Shadows Lyrics