Well the works whistle blew at a half past five o'clock.
I saw the red light at the corner, man I never tried to stop.
I got pulled over by a man in blue, he said what you thinking you're
Tryin'a do?
I told him 'bout my baby and he let me go, thanks a lot.
I got invited to a party at a high class Hollywood pool.
There were women all around me, man I began to drool.
I weighed the evidence in hand, I said girls you got to understand.
Since I met my baby I've been living by the golden rule.

Ain't nobody gonna make me shout.
Ain't nobody gonna put me out.
Ain't nobody gonna make me do like my sweet little Lisa does.
Ain't nobody gonna make me sing.
Make me do the wrong damn thing.
Sticking my head in a cold cold stream, like my sweet little lisa does.

I was pulling out of Dallas, got pulled over by a debutante.
She was playing with her keys, she thought I was acting kinda nonchalant.
She said she'd take me up to her room, and keep me?
I've got a sweet sugar mama give me everything I want.

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Sweet Little Lisa Lyrics

Albert Lee – Sweet Little Lisa Lyrics

Songwriters: H. DEVITO, M. COWART
Sweet Little Lisa lyrics © BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC

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