(If I were ever to die, not likely say I, because I am gonna go on and on, just like the sun that you see come up every dawn, I'm there, eternal. You know, the power I have is the power to unleash love in every sphere. I can make ladies rise from the dead, no fear, watch how I do it, listen up here. A drop if mah seed to the east, to the west, to the north and the south and then I bring 'em up slow and they start shouting out loud and I make love till the cock crows and then, baby, don't you know, you're going back in the hole again 'til I bring you up once again to fill mah loving-cup)

I found darkness in the heart of the sunshine.
I got blinded by the light in the moon.
A black dog was barking at my back door
When I began my life born alone.
And now my home is just a headache, just a heartache.
Ain't no comfort in my family's arms.
Numb now, I know I'm urgin' to go under.
There ain't no need to set the clock to alarm.

I like walking in my sleep
But it's a nightmare on the 13th floor
I've been wading in too deep
They found some bloodstains on the basement door

I went looking for some peace in the country
I found violence on the village green.
The trees I climbed are tapped now and wired
With undercover closed circuit TV;
Things fall apart; my centre is not holding;
I crawl the city streets like a blindman.
The beast has just departed Bethlehem;
The Second Coming is getting out of hand.
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Walking In My Sleep Lyrics

Alabama 3 – Walking In My Sleep Lyrics

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