Why, why baby, do you back away
Why baby, baby, must I squat and pray
When you're on top of me
Gettin' on with foreplay
Uh uh uh!

Just because I'm about as straight as a left turn corner
Just because I'm about as s*** as a buggered up dog
Just because I want you like you like you want a moaner
You've gotta let me kiss you, boy, gotta let me kiss you

I'm getting a little bit high now
My short dick man is in the clouds
Don't stop boy baby don't stop to row
The pain of the next door neighbours
As they hear me scream, hear your shouts!


You walk that s*** walk, you talk that s*** talk
I stalk that s*** stalk, so much I need to rock
So keep me going on your shit, yeah, whhhoooooooaaaa!

--Instrumental Break--

You walk that s*** walk, talk your s*** talk
Whisper in my ear tonight, I want you in every shape, every right
So keep on kissing me down there, I know I want you....

(Chorus to end)
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Let Me Kiss You! Lyrics

Ainslie Henderson – Let Me Kiss You! Lyrics

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