So he's retired
Lives with his sister in a furnished flat
He's got this suit that
He'll never wear outside without a hat
His hair is white but he looks half his age
He looks like Jimmy Stewart in his younger days.

And honestly, I might be
Stupid to think love is love
But I do
And you've waited so long and
I've waited long enough for you.

My mother's calling
From where she's living up in troy, Vermont
She tries to tell me
A father figure must be what I want
I've always thought age makes no difference
Am I the only one to whom that's making sense?


The day I met him he was raking leaves
In his tiny yard.
Of course I know that
We've only got ten years, or twenty, left
But to be honest
I'm happy with whatever time we get
Depending on which book you read
Sometimes it takes a lifetime to get what you need.

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Mr. Harris Lyrics

Aimee Mann – Mr. Harris Lyrics