I gave you light
I seared off the oceans
To show you my devotion
I've lived your fright

I want to be the infamy
I want to wound your caprice
I need to try your malice
You should tame my misery

I want to lick your beauty
I want to scar your sweetened wounds
To reap your rotten fruits
Your loving gotta suit me

Oh, let me be the one
Who sets you free
See how love unveils
Her incomparable mystery

I want to feel your hungry skin
I want to be the sacrificed
I'll make you the holy praised
Whore... of my radiant sin

I want to see you sacrificed
I want to be the hungry skin
To share with you the greatest sin
My holy, capricious whore!

I've been kissin' the filth
My tongue's been bleedin'
I've been stealing you a wing
My dark, sinister angel

Oh, let me touch your guilty soul
Let me be your hungry skin
Let me be your thrilling dream
Let me rape your open wounds

Oh, let me see your other face
We belong to the same disgrace
I was the dead you fettered
... you were the angel I raped...
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Ill Of Imaginary Guilt Lyrics

Agathodaimon – Ill Of Imaginary Guilt Lyrics