Come, let us return unto the Lord our God
He has torn us into pieces
But he will heal us

Let us set ourselves to follow him in all his ways
For he caused our feet to stumble
With humble hearts we come

His presence will enfold us, he will bind our wounds
For we know he will revive us
After three days he shall raise us

He will appear as surely as the rising sun
He will come to us like the winter rains
For his ways are right, we shall walk in them

The desert and the cities raise their voices high
Let the people shout from the mountain tops
Let the stones cry out - for he is King

Hope is with the hopeless and our fears are gone
Ride on, O Lord, our warrior
And lead your people home

Lion of Judah, rock of ages
So revealed through endless pages
Prince of Peace to every nation
Surely God is my salvation

You will lead us, we shall follow
No more darkness, no more sorrow
Did our hearts not burn within us
As his words were opened to us

We are ransomed, healed, forgiven
It is true, the Lord is risen
Satan's power forever broken
Heaven's gates forever open
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Lion Of Judah Lyrics

Adrian Snell – Lion Of Judah Lyrics