Been greeted with a smile
In my back twist the knife
So quick to flip the switch
Never know quite what hit
Behind the lines you know,
True colors always show
Forget that you exist
The hand that feeds cut off at the wrist

Hate spreads like infection
Two faces, yet you see one

Hey, shoot the arrows
As I turn to go
Know one day when most of us are gone
Shoot the arrows
Holding on to what you feel is true
And it's killing you

Fed up for so long
I've let go
Watch you hang on
When did lost trust begin?
As soon as I decide to let you in
This took a part of me that will never return you see,
I've grown cold and hollow
The hurt that's caused I'll never let it show

Total lack of devotion
In you I have no faith


There's no way that you ever could have known that I would stoop so low
Don't tell me you wouldn't do the same thing
And I know all the games you play
Think hard 'cause now it starts to eat at you
There's nothing else to do
What's done is done
You hold on to what you feel is true
And now it's killing you

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Shoot The Arrows Lyrics

Adema – Shoot The Arrows Lyrics