There's a big empty space
In this tiny bed
A stash of love notes hidden
And waiting to be read
My busy city waits
Curling in your hair
The unwashed shirt you
Wore my teddy bear

Any pain from our past
Just a seasonal trend
Such a fad fades into
Our love in the end

Again and again I dream
With you by my side
I'd never slept so sound
Let's do it again
Whispering I love you
In your ear my life I've found

There's a look from your eyes
For which I swear I was born
Desperately speeding towards
The Rockies on this unicorn
I believed and I longed
To drink from this cup
Quenched my heart, so parched
And turned my life right side up

Would you come and never leave?
So that we can retreat
And just bask in the fact
That you make me complete?

Again and again I kiss you
The world around us never stood
A chance I'm burning within
On fire alive and crying out
For this romance
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Let's Do It Again Lyrics

Adam Richman – Let's Do It Again Lyrics