Roll down the windows, the AC's busted.
Twelve hours from home and empty pockets.
Didn't get our guarantee another show for free.
All for the sake of this rock n roll.
It's time to switch drivers.
My shift's over I've been driving for eight hours.
It's all worth it, when I plug in and the lights dim.
The best thirty minutes of my life, every night.
We'll always be here when the rubber hits the road.
Dedication never ending.
One, two, three go.

Broken sticks and broken strings, every night.
But that's the way it goes, it's alright.
A life composed of sticks and strings.
It's my release, my dedication comes from within.
It's evident that this is my passion.
This is the end to everything that's ending.
This is the death to everything that dies.
The fire behind us burns inside my heart.
The fists might fly, but this stage is mine.
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The Sweet And Sour Speech Lyrics

Across Five Aprils – The Sweet And Sour Speech Lyrics