When the walls are closin' in on me
And I can't find my way out
When I've seen as much as I can see
I just turn my eyes to you
And I know that I'll get through it

And when I'm hangin' by a thread
And when I'm sure I've reached the end
I reach for you
You redeem me

When I lose faith
When I lose ground
And everything, oh, comes crashing down
You raise me up you lift me up
You give me love
You redeem me
When I'm out standing on the ledge
You pull me right back back from the edge
You take me in with just a look
With just a touch
You redeem me

With your love,
When it seems this life has stole my soul
You're there to bring it back
When the hurt holds on and won't let go
And it's just too much to take
I know you'll be there to save me

And when I'm sinkin' like stone
Thinking I'm in this all alone
I reach for you
You redeem me


With your love,
I lose, track
And you bring me back around
Without you there's no way I'd be standing here right now
You look in my eyes
Set me free
You redeem me


With your love
You redeem me
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You Redeem Me Lyrics

Ace Young – You Redeem Me Lyrics