Ugh, ugh, scorpion sting crush
A.T.U. with DJ EQ

Come on, "Come on"
Come on, "Come on" Scorpion sting crush
Come on, "Come on"
Butterfly wing dust, scorpion sting crush
Lion tough, lion rough

Come on, follow and burrow and bite
I'ma twirl the line when you cross and my phenomenon strikes
Tomorrow tonight like it's the Armageddon fight
The bomb in my book, drop it when I'm ready to write
It truly run through me, like the blood's in my pen
And the ink's in my veins while I'm thinkin' these thangs
Got my brain overloaded often
My life gotta change before I go to my coffin
Not in the game for sortin', we offer the pain of losses
Hope I ain't the end to pallbear
Because many are slain, I'm cautious
I'm tryin' to refrain from nightmare
I'm wakin' in cold sweats, I eliminate stress to my own best ability
None of you rappers shiver me timbers
What if a fashion statement Ab makes em remember
'Stract Rude with the massive agenda

Come on, "Come on"
I said come on, "Come on"
Come on, "Come on" scorpion sting crush
Come on, "Come on" scorpion sting crush

Shadowbox, hit the punch bag, acceptor
Won't win battlin', Tribe Unique's got wetter
Who that sayin' the Ab ain't gainin' the game
They're mistakin' identity and blasphemy of my name
Breakin' your energy field, lion untamed
Smartest of the artists, hardest of thugs gettin game
Like mobbers were marching that Malcolm X-type pain
Fill out the carcass with heavy blood flow, slain
Gotta rhyme for each kind in your crew
Or any other solo appearance you might do
Too tight to go against, to the severity of your punishment
Reflects the gravity of the offence
Heavy casualties, my battles be intense (ugh)
Your lyrical obituary reads that of the events
That took place, I gave chase, you couldn't save face
What a disgrace, that's what makes great heavyweights

Come on "Come on"
Come on, "Come on" scorpion sting crush
Come on "Come on"
Come on, "Come on" scorpion sting crush

You could train five miles on an exercise bike
But you couldn't gain my styles, we the flexin em type
Though I appear docile, I know when to get hype
You want to make me hostile on the radio mic
And when I'm in person it's worst, my no rehearsin, free versin
And it hurts when I let my jagged edged words disperse
You won't get a word in edge, why? 'cause I served ya first
You can second guess and live to rhyme, what's your purpose on Earth?
Well I write in cursive and print, and jot down in my pad
Toss out your turf in the war, til you throw out the white flag
Surrender contender, when I chop your lumbar say "Timber!"
And I got your number, 17th of November, I take you under
My inner eye, a thunder remembers like elephants
With big trunks and big tusks, big topics to discuss
Butterfly wing dust, scorpion sting crush
Lion tough, lion rough, alright
Mass Men, A.T.U. with DJ EQ

"Come on" Come on
"Come on" I said come on
"Come on" I said come on, scorpion sting crush

Scorpion sting crush
Come on! Scorpion sting crush
A.T.U. with DJ EQ
Sound, right, reasoning
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Come On Lyrics

Abstract Rude – Come On Lyrics

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