From Rosenblatt on gramaphone / to Ohr Chodosh & Simchatone
From Yom Tov Ehrlich's yiddish tunes / to 613 Torah Avenue
With full orchestral symphonies / and digital technology
Forever will these songs exist / on chrome cassette & compact disc

Modzitz Shenker - What a pair / Yankel Talmud - songs of Ger
Shlomo Carlebach - number one / Pirchei sings - the Rabbi's Sons
Negina with Yisroel Lamm / Diaspora Yeshiva band
Uncle Moishe for your child / Piamenta going wild

Yes we've got the music - songs both new and old
There's nothing like a niggun - It's music for your soul

Yigal Calek - Yossi Green / Marvelous Midos Machine
Avrohom Fried - Regesh too / Nachum Segal - F.M.U.
Shteeble hopping all around / D'veykus songs to calm you down
Bobov, Munkatch - Satmar, Square / Lenny's Shlock Rock if you dare


Mendlowitz - Suki Ding / Eli's Camp Sdei Chemed sings
Ira Heller - Dov Levine / Rashi and the Rishonim
Moshe Yess - Megama / the sounds of Kol Salonika
Journeys one, two, and three / the one and only M.B.D.

The sweet sounds of Lecha Dodi / sung in perfect harmony
Zemiros on a Friday night / a kumzitz in the candlelight
But one thing we must keep in mind / a Jewish song of any kind
Is only precious - if and when / it brings us closer to Hashem

Tzlil V'Zemer - Miami / Joe Amar - Sharabi
The Noam singers harmonize / Neshomo tapes for excercise
W.E.V.D. / Michoel Streicher - Destiny
And if it's something new you seek / A new tape comes out every week


Shmuel Kunda's story tapes / Moshe Laufer orchestrates
Rechnitzers for comedy / Chabad sings Merry Melodies
Lev V'Nefesh, Chaveirim / Zohar and the brothers Zim
Top Chai reviews with Jacob Klass / let's not forget Yeshiva Brass

Veroba, Lang, Nulman too / recorded all at Systems 2
Ruach music fills the room / Mona Moshe Rosenblum
The Amazing Torah Bike / Yiddle and his Yiddishkeit
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We've Got The Music Lyrics

Abie Rotenberg – We've Got The Music Lyrics

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