And all of the things we need
(I just can't sit here and wait for long)
They always seem to be so far out of reach for you and me
(To get there, together, call it out)
And all of the lives we've lived
(My eyes are closed cause what I've seen is gone)
They only seem to take before they give to you and I
(Crush me, suffer, for others)

Watch and wonder. What you are and where you'll be
I'll be waiting, I'll be waiting
Sleep in splendour while your dreams are whispering
Come on and catch me
Try and catch me
I noticed at times like these I feel about a million miles away
I never believed in me, I think its time to start
(Time to start)

[Chorus x1]

Start defending all the things you believe
Now you're ready, now you're ready
Don't surrender all the hope that you should keep
It's not or never, it's not or never
Never an end to please, I always seem to end up on my knees
I've always believed in this I think its time to stop
(Stop right now)

[Chorus x1]

Emptiness that seems to fill you
The kind of pain that shall consume you
The walls move and close in on you
Think fast what would you do?
Right now we can't find answers
To the pain that I have caused
And wait for this world to die
So we can finally rise

[Chorus x1]

Seasons will go, be grateful
So I say goodnight, for you
Cause you want it that way
I can see, what you mean now
So I'm waiting now, I'm waiting now
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Pretty When You Cry Lyrics

A Thorn For Every Heart – Pretty When You Cry Lyrics