You fucked me over for the last time
You took what was left of me
Then dragged it to the ground
You're so brave to think
You could get away with this
You were wrong (gang vocals)

I thought I failed myself
I thought I was meant to make you
I thought we were meant to be
So now there's no you and me
Three years of my life wasted
Why does it end this way

Now I'm rebuilt a brand new me
And now you're just a washed up prom queen
You're as fake as the makeup on your face
All these false thoughts you put into my head
So now I'll give you a kiss to make
You fall asleep

Didn't I say I couldn't take another
Now it's done and gone so don't hold
Your breath
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Broken But Not Dead Lyrics

A Theandric Divide – Broken But Not Dead Lyrics

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