The descent into nihilism. If the world has no purpose, then neither does
The man. He has detached himself from the rest of humanity. He is alone.
Darkness. In the midst of a purposeless existence, however, what good are
Our most basic interpersonal connections? Love? Giving? Sacrifice? If we
Are to become overmen and direct our goals toward only our own achievement,
Then we should never let ourselves be weighed down by others, never live
For the sake of another man, never sacrifice anything for the lesser or the
Needy (see: Ayn Rand). Yet, most of us still desire to help others.
Somewhere in the man, a desire for light sparks.

There's no way out of this, no light, no hope.
Put out the fire that burned so bright, no truth, no home.
My footprints in the sand are cleared with morning's tide.
For nothing will remain, all will subside.

But there must be something more. There must be something more.

The darkest clouds will fall, all meaning laid to waste.
They tell me there's no hope, no light to guide the way.
If these shells of skin and bone are all we have,
Then I refuse to stand and watch the fire die inside... Die inside.
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No Light Lyrics

A Hope For Home – No Light Lyrics