Stand up strong,
For your causes.
Let go of all your losses,
It's safe to say there's a reason to go on.

Find something,
To hold onto,
Take back what they took from you,
In some odd way we'll all be better off.

Stay up late and consider everything,
You've ever wanted to be.
Stay awake and remember.

This broken back can't bear the weight,
Of another burden.
I'm not another wasted brain,
So I'll keep on fighting.
Watch how mad it makes you,
And how bad it makes you,
Feel just like them.

(Another wasted brain)

Again we swallow,
Lies they serve they say to follow,
It's hopeless thinking they can change our minds.
Sinking deep,
Into a pit of hopeless dreams and frightful screams,
It's all lost meanining,
I might as well just die.

It's so hard to show you,
What's inside of me.
I couldn't show that,
To anyone but me.
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Wasted Brain Lyrics

A Hero Next Door – Wasted Brain Lyrics