Look If you ain't worth a mil, you ain't far from broke
Got an ought heart to sell weed but you scared of dope
I wouldn't snitch on my peoples if the feds grabbed me
Yo ass would hit more notes than Ron Isley

I wouldn't rhyme about Rolleys if I had no watch
wouldn't write about crack if I ain't had no spot
You talk six coupe shit you only pushing a trey
Got bitches shutting you down in the C.L.K

For cats like you, crime don't pay
You just linger in the hood, them niggers blow you away
You the type to get paper when I'm locked up, get yo jewels rocked up
Then have to tuck em in when I pop up

Niggers in the hood sayin "50's Grimy"
'Cause they hit me wit Kosami and now they can't find me
If you see it how I see it, my watch is yo whip
And I can cop another one after each assist

[Chorus: x2]
You ain't no gangster
You'se a buster, a customer, a sucker
You fake fraudulent motherfucker
You ain't a gangster
I should cut ya, cock back and bust ya or stomp you out cause
We don't trust ya

You owe a nigger? You don't want to pay him?
Kill him, that's what they said ta ta disapper him
Y'all ain't got to believe me
When I'm done with this rhyme if there's time I'll hit a flick

Wit Mariella this connect bitch, Peruvian chick
She ain't hot but everytime I fuck the coke right drops
When it's time to get it on (what)
I pull over the thong (uh huh)

Fuck till I nut then get up, I'm gone (yeah)
usually hit it watchin' tele way out in L.A.
I like it when she say "Papi I feel it in my Belly"
Call up all my niggers in New York on the celly

First thing I'm sayin' is "Nigger what da deally"
Pack a trey pound up under my Pelle Pelle
Y'all niggers want war, clap clap, Oh really?
I watch niggers slang packs in front of the deli

Got 20 inch chrome sittin' on my perili
Lorenzo on the Benzo nigga you feel me?

[Chorus: x2]

Fix the cell, blast the room devil spray, turnin' proof
Hoe whip, bullet proof, yopu ain't fuckin' wit me, duke
Bricks from Filipe, 19 five, what we pay
Cop on a week mad hard to catch him on the weekday

Niggers backed up, slugs to the gut, that'll bet him up
Gettin fed through his arm in a hospital will slim him up
Get it through yo head, 50 Cent don't care
I cock triggers light the blockup, iller than times square

Real shit, you spit it cause you seen it
I spit it cause I did it and I mean it
Man, I don't like none of y'all
Fuck around I'll run in y'all pop one in y'all

Had the whole hood talkin' bout what I done to y'all
Listen I don't give a fuck if you blood or 'cause
I got love for thugs niggers firing slugs
Stage rapping ass niggers ain't sold no drugs
Gotta show me some love cause my sins are bluffed

[Chorus: x2]
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You Ain't No Gangsta Lyrics

50 Cent – You Ain't No Gangsta Lyrics