[50 Cent:]
Performin' live... August 31st!
The First Annual Family Day Festival... In 40 Project!
Shout-out to Big Searge... Tone!
All my n****s down in the Projects!
All my n****s down in Basy Projects!
Llamar Odom goin' be out there!
[? ] goin' be out there!
Floyd Mayweather goin' be out there!
Tim Thomas goin' be out there!
Ron Artest goin' be out there!
Goin' be mad b*****s out there,
Y'all n****s better get ya outfit money up right now!
Get ya hair cut, clear it up!
I don't care if you bum off you lounge...
You better be clean on August 31st, n***a!
The twenty night from takin' the whole hood to great?...
The 30th... We all in the project... One!
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War Angel Lyrics