[50 Cent:]
Yeah this is just my intro
Its serious man this is Sirius Radio right here
Ggggg Unit Radio
Shady ha ha ha
Just givin' 'em a little somethin' somethin'

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
You screamin' ya gun jam
N***a your gun ain't jam
They let off ya b***h a** ran
You screamin' ya gun jam
I know your type fam
You p***y I understand
You screamin' your gun jam
You run when the shots fire
You scared the f**k to death of that hollowtip diet
Intensive Care Unit after n****s get sprayed up
Jamaica Hospital third floor when you layed up
Make sure your bills get paid up
So its nine one one
When you see my gun
I'm popular n***a the police know me
Just cause of this rap s**t I'm rich now homie
Man when you not around I got your b***h all on me
She want to be my wife now
She like my lifestyle
My shotty bumpin' its the sweetest taboo
I play something smooth when I stunt in my coupe
Ooooooo you know these n****s ain't like me
Everything I say I got in these raps I got bee
The cars, the cribs, the jewels, the tools
The nines, the Tecs, the Macs ooooooo
The burners the gats man if you confused
I'll send a n***a from my hood to put a hole in you
I rock G Unit hats, hoodies and shoes
Got "G Unit" tatted on my b***h too
I drink G Unit water watchin' G Unit p***
This is Shade 45 n***a G Unit on

[Mike Epps:]
F**k the cos
F**k all of 'em makin' money off of n****s
They just mad Yayo
Cause they can't make no more money off you
They was makin' a percentage off your head every day in there
Now you makin' off of them
F**k 'em Yayo
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Gun Jam Lyrics

50 Cent – Gun Jam Lyrics