I took a sip of the potion
Lil' sk, a little Goose, now I'm loose

[Verse 1 - 50 Cent]
Quest for the cheddar I bought shiny Beretta
I'm firing squad hard, you n****s should know better
Than to bump with Ferrari, calamari
I kill like rebels in Warri, I'm sorry
I ball like I think I'm the Prince of Abu Dhabi
Black gold gush out the ground
Gun powder fly out the pound
I turn a clown smile upside down
That's 3 time zones in my watch face
Still hard to tell time with diamonds all over my watch face
Twinkle like I'm outta space, I'm a big dipper
You a little dipper, pipe down little n***a
Nice wheels, but don't talk money, that's what I'm about
I could fit your house inside my house
And your neighbours and ya yard, oh my God
This s**t aint about s**t so I aint gon' go hard
Now kick push, kick push... Get the f-ck outta here
Kick push

You're now being hypnotised, close your eyes
And say 502s my favorite, fifty, fifty's my favorite
I'm not the the one to play with, I mean what I say b***h
502s my favorite, 50, 502s my favorite
Still on that gutta s**t, forever on that gutta s**t
502s my favorite, 50, 502s my favorite
I know you love that s**t, real n****s be loving this
502s my favorite, 50, 502s my favorite

[Verse 2:]
Oh s**t now a n***a floatin'
That Luger German, that's Kush burning
I'm Einstein on the grind
My wheels turning, I'm out in cali not in Hollywood
Silicon valley, I'm bout to get rich
I mean real rich, I'm talking Facebook and Spotify type s**t
I'm not a programmer, I use ghetto grammar
Slang, I'm strong as David Banner
The Hulk, my money come in bulk
And if this s**t go bad, I go back to the dope
And I pay attention to the murder I wrote
This my light s**t, my heavy s**t on the album
Lets get right b***h

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50's My Favorite Lyrics