Stumbled my way on the darkest afternoon

I got a beer in my hand and I'm draggin' a stoagle too

the back of my brain is tickin' like a clock

I simmer down gently but boil on what the f

Get back 'cause I'm feelin' good tonight

get back 'cause I'm feelin' right

Trouble is a word that stars with a capital T

I refer myself to the word 'cause I'm so keen

little do they know that I'm struttin' such a style

it makes the trouble in me all worth the while

So get back 'cause I'm feelin' good tonight

get back 'cause I'm feelin' right

There goes Billy and Susie walkin' hand by hand

I quickly caught up slurring yo what's the plan

they had fear in their eyes and bellies that ran like dogs

I barrelled down laughing screaming Susie

you forgot your clogs

well, Old Mr. Heffer

I'm really pleased to meet you

I didn't mean to scare your blue-eyed child

but Billy wouldn't talk to me

and Susie wouldn't look at me

it made me so doggone crazy

I had to chase them for a mile

all wanted was change for a buck

Well I'm back and I'm feelin' good tonight

yea I'm back and I'm feelin' right

so get back 'cause I'm feelin' right


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Old Mr. Heffer Lyrics

4 Non Blondes – Old Mr. Heffer Lyrics

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