There's so much that I would say,
If I could see you one last time.
But now I can't cause you're not here,
But you're always on my mind.
And I look up and you're not there,
When I lie awake at night.
All these things I ask myself
And I don't know why.

(When it's the first time)
When it's the first time
You'll never see someone again
(When it's the last time)
When it's the last time
You weren't ready for it to end
(When a light leaves you)
When a light leaves you
Standing alone there in the dark
(It's never easy)
They're never easy
But sometimes, goodbyes are so hard,
They're so hard

I look ahead but can't move on,
I look back but I can't stay
And I keep trying to be strong,
But this pain it won't go away
And I hope this will heal in time,
'cause I can't go on like this,
And right now I give my life
For one last kiss.


You'll be there on my mind, standing in the sunshine.

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Goodbyes Lyrics

3 Doors Down – Goodbyes Lyrics