The truth came around today
Sprung upon us all that's seldom seen
Sheltered until April

We knew they were there
But half pretended, half believed that they
Would disappear come April

They would disappear in April

Lay and watch the clouds
Watch the clouds rolls by
To forget is not....
Roll into the sky
Lay and watch the clouds

Roll by, roll by

It's the snow, it's the wind, it's the rain
It's the sun...

The thaw bares everything
Like a sun that, like a sun that swims
Nakedly through April

I hope we can hold this shell
It's paper thin, it's pale, it's blue
For you, for you
And for me

Blue for you
And for me

We happily pretended

Lay and watch the sun
Watch the sun roll by
To forget is not...
Roll into the sky
Lay and watch the sky
Watch the sky roll by
To remember is...
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April Lyrics

27 – April Lyrics

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