(Dammit, people, say "HEY!")

Hey! (x4)
Try to call you on the phone
Once again you're not at home
You say you love me for all time
You and I both know that's a lie
I hope you fucking die!
Use me, abuse me, tell me
What your idea of a relationship is supposed to be.
You hide it, deny it

I can tell your love for me has all been a bunch of shit.
Try to talk to you
Nothing ever gets through
Never hear a word I say
Ya get up and walk away
Do you really care?
The fact that I don't think it's fair
That you can get up and walk right out the door?
You're such a stupid whore!

Hey! I finally dump your ass
Put you in my past
No more cheating on me
I can finally let things be.
Then one summer day
You walked right in my way
Tears rolling from your eyes
Mistreated by a guy.

You came up to me
Looking for some sympathy
What a strange thing to do
What I am supposed to do?
Should I be real glad?
Maybe a little sad?
You've never been treated like this
Never once been dissed.

Thought about what to do
Should I be comforting you
Tears rolling from your eyes
Mistreated by a guy
Then I thought way back
When you put me down
Then I laughed at you and said
"Bitch, what comes around goes around."

Hey! (x4)
I don't like you
I just hate you
I hope you fucking rot!
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What Goes Around Comes Around Lyrics

2 Week Notice – What Goes Around Comes Around Lyrics