I'm smokin' these niggas like they endo
Breakin' em like they windows
And still they riff till they get a whiff Of the shit that I kick
And if they ever had a notion to stop me

Shoot ya best shot and get dropped wit ya posse
Nigga I got the motz I'm takin' em out a lot I got
More than you can hock I'm rockin' the spot
So now they jock Loc'em and get dropped

Tupac ain't tryin' to hear it
I'm swingin' at your knot I'm swingin' at your knot so hot
Static is the last thing ya need when ya see me
Better have a bat or a gat to defeat me

Nigga I'm a whole posse rolled into one shot
Takin' all ya got as your girl gets hot
And rocks the spot
Bringin' the funky flavor with the gift that only God gave

Point me to my grave, Id rather die than be a slave
Slaves come as dopedealers Some come as addicts
Some try to run while the others call STATIC
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Static Lyrics

2Pac – Static Lyrics

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