First you fall in love
Then you make
When you've had enough
You start to fake it
With someone on the phone
But you're not listening
And she's not coming home

Remember when you met
So picture perfect
She's meeting all your friends
Because it's worth it
And they can only see
What you cannot see
The things you wont believe

Then you wake up to the big change
To the break up
Done at close range
And that love is such a cruel thing
What you want, you got
But can't hold on anymore

You ask her what is wrong
She cant explain it
It's something that was strong
Just started fading
But everything's alright
And you believe her
She turns off the lights
When the morning comes
It's when it hits you
She's standing all alone
Saying she'll miss you
There's someone at the door
Because she's leaving
You fall into the floor


I said best of luck
They said easier than done
Best of luck I said easier

[Chorus: x2]

You cant hold on anymore
You cant hold on anymore
What you want, you got
You cant hold on anymore
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Close Range Lyrics

16 Frames – Close Range Lyrics

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