System Armed Ready for launch, Breakdown
Fools Paradise, do what you want, playground

I don't really need no excuse just to tear up the rulebook like all the rest do
Informer bodyguard to the rescue make them so hard to get to

I-mon Win the trip to go a yard, a message on the voicemail...
Of all the DIRTY TRICKS of babylon, arrested in the vice jail... lol

I said:
Fool me 'one-time' down a station
Fool me two time discrimination
Fool me three time, deportation
Spread The Word thru the nation

Live and direct tonight, we'll start the party right
Wake up the neighborhood in Hi Fidelity
Just turn the system up, cause we don't give a '*'
Wake up the people dem in Hi Fidelity

How man get all the ideas, put in all the work pon the verse?
I'm a lyricist... I got credits in the neighborhood clubs with the champagne girls
And the stripper chicks:o)

Now I am looking for the big city girl with the legs kinda tall, addicted to the nylons...
Too many fake leather suits in the room with the cocaine spoons and disco medallions.

All in all I'm a realist, Authorities dem fear this, If your children hear this, they just might
Think for themselves.

Beneath the heavens is a war now, they made the fallen angel a star now,
ZULU you've gone too far now... lock him up inna the citadel.

Send the missile across the border, hesitation? GIVE THE ORDER...
Can't this idiot be stopped? He's got 11:59 on the doomsday clock!
Can you feel this? Blaze the fire... thru your system getting you higher...
That's the question, Is he talking about the musical vibes or ganja weed plant?


Gal you got the body they be fighting about in the back of the parking lot.
All of the dopeboys fresh, and their necklaces gaudy, and you're wondering what they got...
"I got all of the connections to get you, meth and the coke and the sess too"
9 month baby you a breed and him left you... oh how this city life it will test you...

Bad Man. sick pon the verse, music around, call the police dem wan you keep this down
Whole heap of fan mail say they need sound, Jump inna the ride mek we leave this town
What's between us? No dollar$ and cent$ now? All of the love, but it don't pay the rent now
Put in a call to the dopeboy connect now... don't bother tell me NOTHING 'bout vicious cycle
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Hi Fidelity Lyrics

Zulu – Hi Fidelity Lyrics