Delicate and red as a flower blooming in a winter snow,
We search for shelter in a storm that continues to grow.
Human nature is known to be unpredictable,
Together we’ll rise like the sun but we set so unreachable.
Like spring summer fall and winter, our loves begun to change.
Like spring summer fall and winter, love never stays the same.
Oh what happened to our love so warm and tender or like
A winter storm your warm heart has changed.
Ah ah ah ah ah
You know good things never come easy, especially love because
One mates action causes the others reaction. I think the solution
To our problem is to let our differences fall by the way side like
Watching leaves,
We deserve a purple heart for our crazy fights, we deserve a noble
Prize for the love we make at night. You can rest assure love is going
Through this too, but how could I ever let you go when my very
Life is you.
Darling dear love is full of pride and shame and it’s give and take it
There are we both to blame.
Ah ah ah ah ah
Nothing in life remains the same, we must change with the changes.
(Chorus) x2
Let’s go together, because love is of the strength to endure any
Weather. Yeah
Spring is love and it's thought happiness is in the air.
Summer is love at it's peak, why without a care.
All this love maturing reviewing what’s been done and said
Winter is loves coldest test, but spring lies just ahead.
(Chorus) (out)
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Love Seasons Lyrics

Zoom – Love Seasons Lyrics

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