I said I thought this was over
But then I woke up in my grave
The smell of dried blood, decaying

This wasn't part of the plan
But we're taking over once again
And don't try, to stop us

Feel me
I know I'm all alone
Show me some love, I'm desperate
Feel me
I know I died alone
I just need someone, I'm just so delicate

I see the birds fly over
I'm here I stand alone
See this is far from over
Stab deep down to the bone (x2)

Just try and kill me

You wanted
To kill me
I could see it in your eyes

I wanted
To kill you
But I wouldn't waste my time

You said that everything would be ok
But it's not
I'm still bleeding

I'm screaming some kind of octave
Hoping it will serenade you
I'm trying to steal your heart here
Why don't you fucking see?
I am responsible for this
Don't you see I'm everything?
Don't try and make this about you
Cause you'll blame me endlessly
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Just Try And Kill Me Lyrics

Zombie Slumber Party – Just Try And Kill Me Lyrics

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