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Gemma Fox Gone Lyrics

Zoe Birkett – Gemma Fox Gone Lyrics

mmm mmm gemma fox! whoo ohh holla at yr boi

its all about you i mourn without you, girl i cant go on without you
im lost in done n gone without you, your body cold cant go on without you, (X2)

Verse 1
boi get outta my face, telling me what to wear better go, yes or no
we aint even gotta go there, your hounding me the drama sitting round me
telling me how i should be aint supporting shit round me, you think your
tony sombrono with your rooslo u better let go, cuz i aint feeling the cards yor
dealing aint no love though you better back offf!

so you think you got control of me own of me whithout you even knowing me
but i dont like the things your showing me, so its time you moved onn
im not done with your aggressivness, distresivness posseivness but i sik of you dispressing this
so its good bye your gone

woohh woohh

Verse 2
how you telling me who my friends should b turn against my family,
u wana keep me yourself, mad bout shit think i am brought up with this,
you think yor a wise guy, but wise guys get da bi bi c you crying wit the lieing
aint no love thought u better bck offf!

repeat chorus

reapeat chorus 2 fade!!

love ya loadsa josh aka babyboi
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