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Rakin' In The Dough Lyrics

Zhigge – Rakin' In The Dough Lyrics

Well I be rakin' in the dough, boy (Rakin' in the dough) (Repeat 4x)

Well I was rakin' in the dough, boy, cruising to a beat
When I saw the??? Looking dandy and sweet
I said, "What's your name" she said "Shequelia"
I said "You want a ride to my crib?" she said "Why not?"
Already in the bed cause I had skipped all the ball
Making mad noises as we pushed and pulled
Halfway finished and an hour done passed
Let me spend the next hour riding that (ahhhh)
Mega mega bone, mega mega bow
This has been going on for two hours now
We were finished and we're laying in bed about to fall asleep
When I heard a fact to Z a beeper go "beep"
I was tired so I said to her "Who could that be?"
Damn, she looked at her beeper and said, "Don't worry it's just my man"
I looked at her said said, "Oh no no no no"
Not trying to be mean, but baby doll you gots to go
You need to step step off with your bad self
Because you're trying to play Sound like a toy
And even though you may think that you got yours off
Ken Dog is still raking in the dough, boy

Well I was rakin' in the dough, boy (Rakin' in the dough) (Repeat 4x)

Well I was raking in the dough, used to cash came fast
A cheese didn't pass, my pockets they harassed
I'm not the type of man to play the herb or get some cheese my dough
I'd rather step to the mall and get some care for
The show, but did you know, the mall was closed
So I spin into Macy's and get some Guess and Polo
Got to the show, stepped out the limo with ease
Seeing mad cheese, promoters with G's
Girls stepping to me, gimme this, gimme that
I seen you on tv, so your pockets must be fat
Damn, she really didn't know that I'm a pro at
The sport called "Rakin' in the Dough"

Well I was rakin' in the dough, boy (Rakin' in the dough) (Repeat 4x)

Well I remember this show, that I cocked block just to rock some dough
Cause she was all that with the crazy fat afro
Thickness with the quickness tried to cheese now attack
And her reaction, was "Hi, my name's Twi, and you're?"
Kazo "Mmm, I really liked the show"
I thought groupie, game, but boy I got game
Cause I took her to my room, she started acting insane
Pulling, begging me for more but the pull cap was sore
>From yesterday's show
Plus, I had no more co so it really wasn't no-no
And time for her to go, So let the door knob
Hit ya with the good Lord split ya in the rear, dear
Get out of here, Holmes (Excuse me?)
Can't do nothing for the man Kazo
See ya! I'm just raking in the dough

I was rakin' in the dough, boy (Rakin' in the dough) (Repeat 4x)

My dough raker is about the loot
And yes I have enough to get the Polo boots
And Guess, oh yes, I gets no less than dough, yo
Jabo on my legs and the G still begs for
The Mickey and the hickey but no sucking on my neck
Heck, I'd let her catch a flick licking my sidekicks
How I make the money, you'd like to know honey
Making G's with the Z, yo that ain't funny
On tour for sure cause the show is dope, so
To all the other groups, just *kiss* smoke, yo
Cause me and Zhigge tribe is just raking in the dough
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