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Steal Your Heart Lyrics

Zewm & Vasco Da Gama – Steal Your Heart Lyrics


Feeling good great as I ever been
Ya'll a bunch of squares well I guess I'm playing checkers then
I been grinding harder than that house they bringing cattle in
Man I been a soldier so aye welcome to the battle bitch
Pull it out the bag like it's a magic trick
Break shawty off just like a carrot stick
We the class of 88 yeah nigga we the flyest fish
Diverse as hell and my range wider than a rhino hip
Ice crazy white like an albino kid
Click clak click clak I come to get something something gotta give
She call me baby I say where the crib
And if you like that nigga get him just make sure he pay the bill
Mac on some Bernie shit I'm burning trick
And when I'm on that lean well you can say I'm in my turtle shift
Man I do more than just earn a strip
I get on mics and let it rip the dj just wont let it skip... Speedy!

Verse 2 ~ZEWM~

My flows are endless they'll take you far as you think you go
All you niggas green I go super saiyan you go Piccolo
Fake friends play they roles worser than actors on "That 70's Show"
It's just one in the chamber should I cock it back and let it go
Speedy told me to kill it so I'm gone murk this shit
Get stuck in your brain like you rehearsed it quick
Squeeze the life out the trigger got it looking purplish
I deliver like I work at food services
But I don't but I will if I'm receiving pay for it
All the stuff you seen with me I might not had to slave for it
But all the stuff you seen with me hell I'll go to the grave for it
So if one of you niggas try to take my shit you gone end up getting slade for it
I'm going in like the streetlights on
Outspoken like a megaphone
Superhead give me mega dome
But let me leave that alone I'm gone back home my thrown my own
I shown myself full blown like a candle with no fire or nerds with trombones
Got your girl dripping like the bottom of a ice cream cone
I be in the trap like the villains off of "Home Alone"
I'm bout' to take a trip to the moon so you already know I'm gone
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