I get insane - just like a madman
Must be the most unhappy guy all around
Thought I had found what I've been missing
Somebody totally reliable

You've gotta lose when there is no one
No one to make you feel you're not alone
But ain't it worse when she deceives you
Ant turns her back on you to vanish in the night

I've got the blues in the morning time
I'm feeling down every long long night - so lonely
No one there to hold me tight

I've got a ticket to nowhere
The train is coming around the bend
I've got a ticket to nowhere
Is there no one to keep me from taking this train?

Late in the morning - I'd had a bad dream
My tears were running like a waterfall
I heard the bell - I started hoping
But all she wanted was the licence for the car
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Ticket To Nowhere Lyrics

Zeno – Ticket To Nowhere Lyrics