[Verse 1]
Words are meant to be taught
Love's not meant to be lost
You said that if I'm happy you're cured, but I'm not

[Verse 2]
I know you have a delicate fate
You're a quiet man but in the worst way
I'm not a follower and I won't follow you down

Oh Jameson, you've had your fun
Stop holding him, I wanna be the one
I promise you, I'll treat him right
Don't wanna fight, you don't need him like I do

[Verse 3]
I waited in the street outside
Sat in my car till my tears dried
I'm justifying people with pain, tonight

[Verse 4]
I watched your fingers point at the blame
It's the darkest of grey when you explain
I'm not a follower and I won't follow you down


I know I'll be okay
Don't tell me where or which way you go
Find someone else to take my place
You want me but treat me like you don't

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Jameson Lyrics

Zella Day – Jameson Lyrics

Songwriters: ZELLA DAY
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