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Mad Dog Lyrics

Zay Hendrix & Sheem Hendrix – Mad Dog Lyrics

[Verse 1:Zay Hendrix]

Cash reminds me of everything I always missed. {C.R.E.A.M.}
So I'm out for the money
You wit it
Niggas talking hard, we don't represent
New York, you hear this, you hear this?
Keep something cold by the presidents
Few shells in the Js. Ain't wearing em
Nigga so high, I fly like the Jetsons
No, I'm flying pies in
Sheem the connection
Like a airline, private connection
He talking plug talk, Me I'm with finessing
How you wash the money
Perfect ass question
Music don't boom, then it's back to finessing
Raised in the zoo
So I know how to question
All the funny moves; when it's down for the cash shit
Not on my Ave shit, but I gotta have shit
Ridin round my city wit my ghost, On my savage
Yeah I gotta habit, yeah I gotta have it
Life like savage, Don't play with my cabbage
Turn your life to a classic. damn that's a bad habit


100mph as I blast off
Hanging out the window
Like a bad dog
Whole team bout money lets cashout
Don't relate wit the pay, we might spaz out

[Verse 2:Sheem Papers]

Besides all theses bands
I got assets {Chin Ching}
He was the man in the pass
But that's past tense
{But that's back in the day}
Burn, burnin all this dope
I'm like acid
Shit so strong
You could smell it through the plastic{Dopex2}
I've been up for some summers & I'm laughing {HaHa}
This shit so simple
I'm given out classics
This summer I got... !
This shit is a classic
Bitches they see me, they give me their panties
I get finer by time
I'm a product of wine
Life is a Walkman
Their is no rewind
I've been working for days
And there is no Recline
Them 6blocks you on
All that product is mine. {L.A Trap}


[Verse 3:Zay Hendrix]

Hoody foams sweats, I might hug the block. {I Might Hug The Block}
I Might Play The Crib, Call Me Up Thot.{I'd Called Her Up}
All about the Money, Always on the clock.{I'm Lurkin}
Money stay ticking, so I never stop.{Neva}
All about work, so I keep it stock.{Keep It Stock}
On my way to work, I'm searching for the spot.{I'm Searchin}
Always on the come up, Come ups all I got. {All I Got}
If you a fuckin comma, then I'll hit your spot.{Glrah}
Finesse me all you got, staying on the watch.{On The Watch}
For Op Boys in the drop, Never on the block
When you doing work
Got to always watch.{Watchin}
Catch me on the fly, money on the watch.{On A Watch}
Me on the grind, so it never stops.{Neva}
Play with my pay, then I'm a Spaz out.{Glrah}
Grim Reaper ya spot, Ghost The House Down. {Downx2}
Rags on my face, with that Kluck Klow.{Kluck Klow}


[Verse 4:Zay Hendrix]

What you talking about?
Ski Mask what I'm covered in
All Black
Had to blend in my environment
Always strapped {So I}
Bout to open up fire and ground zero a block
And leave it the firemen
Mess with my money
Might have to do it twice again
Fiend for the money
So call me that money man
You know where the cash at?
I'm a have that
Pull up in my Nissan, Honda, Chevy
And go grabbed that
Now it gets messy
Pop him wit the Dezzy
Pull the 380 out
In Case It Gets Heavy
Don't Waste Bullets
So I aim real steady
Leave your head split
Poppin wigs like betty
Got the 12Gadge, got the bag got the cash now
I'm a hungry nigga.{So I}
Had to wipe the whole stash out
Then fuck your bitch, have you watch until you pass out
Then end your shit, blow your spline from your back out

Now that's wild

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