Tired of always looking for pills
Tired of commiting so many sins
Tired of lying to myself and everyone else
Tired of always thinking about drugs
Tired of following in the same damn steps as my fucking dad
Tired of coming down and puking up blood
Tired of drowning in my sorrow when I don't even know what it is
Tired of promising myself it will be different tomorrow
Tired of looking at that cross just to remind me that I'm lost
Tired of being alone
Tired of not being able to have a normal father and son conversation
Tired of people knowing me by the guy who has done went 2 far
Tired of struggling to go to bed every night high and wired
Tired of always trying to live my life by a song
Tired of having the same goddamn thoughts as my dad
Tired of not knowing the real me
Tired of not knowing if this is the real me
Tired of always hearing from people how I've fucked up
Tired of getting high alone
Tired of drugs being frowned upon
Tired of not being able to listen to music unless their singing about drugs
Tired of being addicted
Tired of being trapped
Tired of not caring if I'll even be alive 2morrow
Tired of writing fucking crazy shit like this
Tired of not being normal
I'm tired of life
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Tired Of Life Lyrics

Zane Phillip – Tired Of Life Lyrics

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