I-I-I can see you watchin' me, I bet you'd like to dance.
With both your hands tied up, your legs over your head.
I wanna get with you; I wanna take that chance.
Let's skip the chitter chat and let's head to the bed.

I wanna find out just how well you really move.
See how your body works, that's what I wanna do.
Don't waste my time, show me w-what you're gonna prove.
Let's ditch this club and let's make it just me and you.

Chorus x2
Oh can't you see, this is me, and I want it now.
Make me (uh), make you (ooh), I can show you how.
Tie me up, hold me down, let you push me around.
Baby let me show you how.

We dance for hours, yeah we lose track of the time.
I am your drug because I make you feel alive.
You've never kissed a boy (cute), that's alright.
I'll be your teacher; loosen up and open wide.


Pattyboy. Music.

Oh can't you see...
And I... And I... And I want it now.
Tie me up up, down down, push me around.
Baby let me show me you how.

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Show You How Lyrics

Zakk D'Larté – Show You How Lyrics

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